Inside/Out Style by Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style by Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style by Patricia Gorham

How It Works

Because style and clothing are very personal and sometimes emotional topics, I work hard to make your role in the process as simple, straightforward, and non-intimidating as possible. Here's an overview of the steps we'll take together.

Step 1: Initial Meeting

Initial Meeting

We'll sit down together to identify your needs, wants, and goals. I'll ask you a series of questions about your lifestyle and what you'd like to change about your current style, wardrobe, or look.

You Receive: Style Assessment Report

Based on our first meeting, I will create your own personal style assessment and submit it to you in the form of a simple report. You will review this report and give me feedback. This step helps me make sure that we're on the same page as we proceed.

Step 2: Closet Rescue

What do you have now?

With your goals firmly in mind, we will tackle your closet together. Item by item, we'll discuss the clothing that makes up your current wardrobe. We'll talk about how you feel when you wear each item, and which styles are working best on you. During this process we'll uncover your own personal look.

What can we keep?

Many people fear that I will look at their closet and toss everything out. This is not the case! As we move through your closet, we'll create three categories: Keep, Alter, and Retire. The "Keep" and "Alter" piles will become the basis for your new wardrobe.


After we've taken your closet apart, I will help you put it back together again. We'll make sure that your closet is organized effectively, to make the next step in the process easier.

You Receive: Itemized Wardrobe Inventory

Based on our Closet Rescue, I will create a complete written inventory of your wardrobe, based on categories like Pants, Tops, Jackets, Shoes, etc.

You Receive: Real You Notebook

You will receive a Real You Notebook outlining your specific needs and challenges, where to shop and how to avoid pitfalls. Your notebook will also include tips especially for your body type, and how to plan and dress for a special event, as well as packing tips for trips. You will have resources at your fingertips for use in your future shopping trips and wardrobe planning.

You Receive: Purse List

Included in your notebook is a “purse list” which you can easily carry with you on a daily basis to remind yourself of your needs and your wishes to complete your wardrobe.

Step 3: Smart Choices


At this point, we will take stock of how much shopping time we will need to spend together. Are you looking for help with a complete wardrobe overhaul? Will the standard two hours of Role Model Shopping (see below) do the trick? Are your needs somewhere in between? Are you looking for long-term or short-term shopping assistance? Together we will cater a plan to your needs.

Role Model Shopping

To give you the nuts and bolts to move forward with self-assurance, we'll go shopping together. We'll pick one category of your wardrobe and I will demonstrate how to shop to fit your style. This is an important step that will help you stay on the right path with your new look for the long term.

Your New Closet 

Once you've learned how to shop for The Real You, it's vital to revisit your closet, to see what you have at home that can work with your new clothes. So, we reconvene in your closet to pull together looks for a variety of occasions including work, casual wear, weekend wear and special events.

You Receive: Photo Reminder List

Need a visual reminder of the time spent together and the ideas for new outfits? I will take pictures of your looks and include them in your Real You Notebook. If lists are what you like, a written list of looks can be included too.

Step 4: The Real You


We've arrived at the final product: The Real You! You've made the most of your current wardrobe, you've identified a new look, and you've gained the tools, including the Real You Notebook, to shop effectively so that you can develop and add to this look over time. Enjoy – you deserve it.  

Need Something More?

Special Event Wardrobe

Heading to a special event  and feel like you need some help either shopping for the perfect look or pulling something together that you already have? Whether it be a wedding, auction, anniversary or just an evening out, I can help you find the perfect look you are trying to achieve.

Packing for a Trip

Do you feel pressured every time a trip rolls around and you need to pack? Take the stress away and let me prepare a trip list and help with a variety of looks while still taking only the pieces you will need for the kind of trip you are taking.

Inside/Out Style by Patricia Gorham
Inside/Out Style by Patricia Gorham
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