Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I get started?
A sit down conversation is imperative before we work together. The key is being clear about goals. Finding your personal style image is my goal. I want to make sure it’s yours too.
2What if I just want to purchase a new wardrobe but don’t want to do the Wardrobe Review part? Can you just shop for me?
I have great contacts that can help you get started on a personal shopping plan if that’s what you’d like. What I do is Personal Image Styling. Thru years of experience I’ve found that has to start at home with a look thru your wardrobe in order to start fresh and to revisit the closet to help you pair the keepers with the new looks.
3I have a limited budget for clothing. Can you still help me?
Yes. I am comfortable shopping on many different budget levels. True style isn’t about cost or labels. It’s about finding your own look and keeping it. That said, there are some pieces that will last longer and be better statements in your wardrobe if you buy higher quality. I can help you assess that and make good choices.
4I can never find anything that I like, how do I know that you will be able to?
First, let me say that there’s always a surprise waiting in your own wardrobe that you haven’t thought of pairing or doing. I excel at helping people find their personal image and that includes sourcing the right pieces in your current collection as well as adding in new looks.
5When you come to do my Wardrobe Review, how long will it take?
I work with busy professionals who are interested in finding their style, getting dressed and getting on with it. To that end, the best thing you can do to be ready for the Wardrobe Review is make sure that you’ve done a “once through” on your own. Get rid of anything 10 years or older that isn’t a basic. Once you do that, make sure that everything is clean and ready to be reviewed. A Wardrobe Review lasts no longer than 90 minutes and usually less.
6I don’t live in Seattle. Do you travel to help people find their personal style?
I’ve used a variety of resources to help out of town clients find their personal style. Skype, face time, online recommendations and of course flying in for a couple of days of intensive work on current wardrobe, adding pieces thru targeted shopping and reviewing the new looks.
7I think my business or employees could use a style training session. Do you do that?
Yes! I love to work with groups of people in work environments where there is a target dress code but also the openness of allowing people to find their own style. Both can happen in an appropriate and thoughtful way if everyone knows the rules of the road. Speaking and workshops are one of the ways I love to connect with people about their style.